Is Your Website Not Performing?

When you started your company’s website, you had high expectations. You hired a web design company and invested in building a quality company website, understanding its marketing value. Company websites are great business investments and are known to generate more business and interest in your products or services, and Dallas businesses are no exception. Websites get your company name and contact information out there, where customers can find it.

The problem is, your website isn’t paying off and you don’t know why. You created the basic information pages and even have a presence on social media, so why aren’t you generating new business? The answer to your question is simple: Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

SEO and Search Engine Results

SEO is how search engines, like Google, search for keywords and phrases to find your website. If you don’t know how to properly use keywords in your content, your website will not be found, or worse, it could be penalized. There is a fine balance to ensure that your website turns up on the Search Engine Results Page, or SERP.

An Exercise in Understanding SEO

Go to Google’s search page and search for something you are interested in. When the results are listed on the SERP, click on the website that interests you most. Now, go back to the SERP. Look at which website you clicked on. Chances are it was in the first five websites listed.

When analyze the traffic of your website, the majority of your traffic should come from Search Engines. If it doesn’t, then your company website is not showing up on the SERP, or is coming in low on SERP. It is critical for websites to show up in the top five SERPS. If they don’t, they are significantly less likely to be visited by users.

Now, go back to Google and search for the keywords or phrases you would expect your customers to use when searching for your website. If you company name is not in the Top Five results, you have serious SEO problems. If that is the case, you are likely viewing a list of your competitors instead. SEO is how your competitors are winning.

SEO Gives You an Edge

If your company is smaller, it doesn’t mean that you can’t compete with the big boys. With a little help, you can get your website in prime shape to stay ahead of the SEO curve. When it comes to an SEO Company there are a few companies that know how to use SEO to your advantage.

Who Can Help?

When you choose a Dallas web design company, bear in mind they will also need to understand SEO well. Search for terms such as, “web design dallas” and choose one of the web design companies that uses SEO effectively on their own company website.

What Can an SEO Company Do for You?

An SEO Company will reorganize and optimize your website in order to ensure that you are getting more visits. They will make sure these visitors are seeing exactly what they want when they visit your site. Quality SEO content will also load quickly and prevent potential customers from being discouraged by slow load times.

The following is a list of what an SEO company can do to help your website perform better:

  • Ensure content is free from spelling, grammar, and other errors.
  • Identify keywords and search phrases, and use them correctly.
  • Optimize images to load quickly and ensure they are labeled correctly.
  • Use social media effectively.
  • Brush up the HTML-based SEO components.
  • Ensure links are valid.
  • Create a mobile-friendly website compatible with all devices.

SEO Is an Investment

SEO marketing is an important investment into your company’s future success. It is one of the most effective marketing strategies to introduce customers to your product or service. If a potential customer is looking for a service or product you provide, your company should one of the first on the list.

In a society where everything we do is point-and-click, and people expect instant and accurate results, SEO is critical. Businesses that fail to optimize their websites for search engines will not see results from their investment into a company website. A website is your company’s gateway to all customers who have internet access and use it to select products and services. That is the vast majority of customers.

Staying On Top

As the internet continues to be the main source people turn to for information, SEO will evolve with changes in how people search and how search engines find the content that answers their search queries. SEO continues to get smarter and your website needs to be top-notch to maintain a fighting chance in the digital age.


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